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Elder abuse affects us all: Sharing Perspectives from Diverse Communities

Last updated: October 7, 2021

Our interactions with families, cultures and society are complex and diverse. On the International Day of Older Persons, join journalist Philippa McDonald and five passionate Australians who will challenge your preconceptions of ageing, ageism and elder abuse.

In 2017, the Australian Law Reform Commission drove home the need for Australia’s response to elder abuse to “take into account the different experiences and needs of older people, including from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and across gender, sexual orientation, disability, cultural and linguistic diversity”. The current National Plan, released in 2019 and due to end in 2023, promised to recognise and respond to diversity but its explicit actions in this regard are narrowly focussed. At the same time, the recent WHO Global Report on Ageism has called for a far better understanding of how ageism intersects with other forms of discrimination. Our panellists bring their wealth of experiences, knowledge and expertise to a conversation about these concerns and ask how we can create a truly better future.