Photo of man lifting weights and Exercise Right logo

Exercise Right Week 22-28 May 2023

Exercise Right Week is an annual awareness campaign and online event held in May every year.

Last updated: 25 May 2023

Since it began in 2014, the campaign has aimed to highlight the benefits of exercise for health and well-being, and to help Australians to understand where to get the “right” advice for their individual needs.

It happens via a dedicated website and is brought to you by Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA). ESSA is the peak body for exercise and sports science professionals in Australia and is dedicated to helping Australians live healthier and more active lives.

The 2023 theme is ‘The Right Advice’ and the 7-day event will feature daily themes, including chronic conditions, strength training, sports, cardio training, women’s health, older Australians, and mental health.

  • Monday: Chronic Conditions: Diabetes/ Cancer/ Disabilities

  • Tuesday: Strength Training: Resistance/ Body Weight/ Warm-Ups

  • Wednesday: Sports: Netball/ Rugby/ Triathlon

  • Thursday: Cardio Training: Running/ HIIT

  • Friday: Women’s Health: Pregnancy/Post-natal/ Endometriosis

  • Saturday: Older Australians: Falls prevention/ Heart Health

  • Sunday: Mental Health: Depression/ Anxiety

Find advice, training, inspiration, and motivation whatever your fitness level, provided by qualified sports and science professionals.