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Home care packages Q&A

Following the success of our ‘Understanding home care packages‘ webinar recently, OPAN is hosting a follow up webinar to answer your questions about home care packages.

Last updated: 19 September 2022

A follow up to the Understanding home care packages webinar.

Home care packages provide care and coordinated support at home for older people across Australia. They should be flexible and centred around the needs and wants of the older person.

Join our panel of experts for this special Q&A webinar answering your concerns and queries relating to home care packages.

The panel hosted by Kyle Olsen includes:

  • Heidri Brook
    Senior Practitioner
    Financial Advocate
    Aged and Disability Advocacy Australia
    (Queensland member)

  • Gwenda Darling
    Member, Older Persons Advocacy Network’s National Older Persons Reference Group

  • Stephanie O’Halloran
    Director, Home Care Operations Section,
    Department of Health and Aged Care

Please note this webinar will be recorded and a replay link will be sent to attendees a few days after the event. The recording will also be available on the videos and webinar page.