Graphic of Homelessness forum

How to prevent homelessness amongst seniors: have your say

Join a Homelessness Australia forum to discuss what should be included in the National Housing and Homelessness Plan to prevent older people from losing their homes.

Last updated: 7 September 2023

The high cost of housing relative to low fixed incomes for older people mean risk of homelessness continues to increase for older Australians.

Elder abuse, domestic and family violence, and issues with health or disability are also driving homelessness for older people.

This discussion will focus on what the National Plan needs to include to prevent older people losing their homes, and to meet their needs if they do lose their homes.

Fiona York leads Housing for the Aged Action Group, a specialist service working with older people experiencing homelessness.

Tanya Atkinson is the Research, Evaluation, and Policy Manager at Wintringham, a specialist community housing and aged care service providing aged care and housing to older people who have experienced homelessness.

You can join the discussion and contribute to understanding what older people at risk of homelessness need.

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