Older woman holding rainbow flag

Midsumma Events for older LGBTI+ people

Happy New Year and Midsumma Festival - Carnival this Sunday 22 January kicks off the celebrations and events happening across Melbourne and Victoria

Last updated: 17 January 2023

If you are visiting Carnival this Sunday at Alexandra Gardens, come to the ARCSHS/Rainbow Health Australia stall, where the will be some Val's information, and depending on when you are there, maybe some of the team. The stall is location is E4 - all the details, maps included are available here

We are also super pleased to provide more information about the free afternoon Summer event we are holding in February for older LGBTI+ people, friends and allies - Rainbow Summer Celebration and please share with your clients, residents, networks and friends. Everyone is welcome - so please come along.

Also included is the 2023 LGBTIQA+ days of celebration and commemoration with ideas about what your service can do, and also keep an eye on the Victorian Pride Centre events calendar, and also the full Midsumma calendar of events. Including events and activities in your programs that are of interest and relevance to older LGBTIQA+ people is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to inclusion.

Happy Midsumma and we hope to see you at the event in February as well us at Carnival.

The Val's Team