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Out, About and Connected

Last updated: October 7, 2021

An event for Lesbian/Bi+, Trans and Non-Binary people over 50.

Switchboard Victoria’s Out & About program, in partnership with Thorne Harbour Health are hosting this free event with the aim to uplift and connect Lesbian/Bi+, Trans and Non-Binary people over 50 with each other, and with services that will support and affirm their individual, unique journeys through Older Age.

This specific cohort is invited based on some shared experiences when accessing, and using services. And to provide a platform for greater connection and understanding between these diverse groups.

Open to those who are Questioning. Attendees do not need to be 'Out'.

This event will feature:

  • A panel discussion around healthy ageing; staying well and connected beyond COVID, featuring voices from the South-West Coast, Gippsland, and Greater Melbourne.

  • A screening of A Big Life. MQFF's 2020 Co-Winner of Pitch Pleez! Short film competition.

  • Information on inclusive service providers and supports local to the South-West Coast, Gippsland and Greater Melbourne.

  • Door prizes!

Please email for further details, or questions relating to attending an online event.