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Ready to Listen – Seminar 2

Promoting sexual rights [and responsibilities] in residential aged care

Last updated: 23 September 2022

Residents have the right to make free and informed choices about participation in each and every sexual activity. But sexual consent can be difficult to determine. This seminar presents a template for services to document their approach to supporting sexual consent and practical strategies around understanding:

  • the difference between affirmative consent and assent

  • What is free agreement?

  • Who makes decisions – and what if there is conflict?

The presenters

Dr Catherine Barrett is the Director of Celebrate Ageing Ltd and the Coordinator of #ReadyToListen project. Catherine has been promoting the sexual rights of older people for over 30 years as a nurse in residential aged care, and academic and has coedited a book for Routledge, called Addressing the Sexual Rights of Older People; Theory, Policy and Practice. See:

Helen Walker is the Learning Specialist with The Older Person Advocacy Network. Helen has supported the design and development of the online #ReadyToListen education resources.