Graphic for Seniors Festival 2024

Seniors Festival Expo to “Reach Beyond” in 2024

From travel and lifestyle, to home, health and more, there’ll be plenty to see and do! The 2024 NSW Seniors Festival Expo celebrates the role and contributions of older adults to our local communities.

Last updated: 29 November 2023

It's the largest festival of its kind in the southern hemisphere, with over 500,000 people attending each year. It includes hundreds of events across NSW including art classes, fitness, and live music. Most are free or low cost to attend.

There's also online events so people at home, or in aged care, can enjoy it 'live'.

The festival offers great opportunities and experiences:

  • get together with friends or go out and meet new people

  • discover new products and services to help improve your quality of life

  • learn new skills in fitness, technology, and home organisation

  • enjoy live music and comedy from popular performers

Who is the festival for?

  • people over 60

  • people over 50 with a lifelong disability

  • aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people over 50

    We encourage carers of seniors to join the festival.

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