Senior couple laughing

Speaking frankly: Love, sex and intimacy in later life

Last updated: 21 June 2022

Why do we associate love, sex and romance exclusively with young people? Why do we look at older adults and assume they are past ‘it’?

In this online presentation, social researcher Dr Sue Malta speaks frankly about these topics and more. She challenges the notion that romance, intimacy and sex are only for the young and presents findings from past research which clearly shows that older people are falling in love, having sex and loving it.

Sue will address:

  • What is ‘normal’ ageing these days?

  • Stereotypes / assumptions around ageing and sex

  • What does the research say?

  • Why is sex good for you in later life?

  • How can / do older adults meet each other? What is the impact of technology on ageing and sex?

  • Sex and sexual health: What about condoms and lubrication?

  • Speaking to healthcare professionals about sex and ageing.