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What does 'A Human Rights Approach to Aged Care' Mean?

Last updated: 18 October 2021

In the wake of the disturbing evidence presented to the Royal Commission on Aged Care, almost everyone agrees that we need ‘a human rights approach to aged care’ to prevent the abuse and neglect of older people.

But what does that statement actually mean? How can human rights be embedded in legislation and the quality standards? What difference would it make ‘in real life’ for older people receiving residential homebased or respite care? How would it change the day-to-day behaviour of aged care workers? What practical (not just theoretical) avenues would there be for enforcement?

In this workshop, participants will hear a range of perspectives including an older person with lived experience; a leader from the aged care workforce; a senior policymaker; a leading researcher in this field; and perspectives from another sector that has implemented a human rights approach.

Then participants will break-up into small groups for roundtable discussions, facilitated by members of the AAG Elder Abuse Special Interest Group. Participants will work through case studies and try to unpack what it would really mean to take ‘a human rights approach’ in common scenarios that arise in aged care.

Key reasons to attend

  • Consider a range of perspectives on a human rights approach

  • Explore how implementing a human rights approach could change what happens in aged care

  • Understand the complexities of implementing a human rights approach

  • Learn by the case study method what a human rights approach means