Industry Code for Visiting Residential Aged Care Homes during COVID-19

The objective of the Code is to provide an agreed industry approach to ensure aged care Residents are provided the opportunity to receive Visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic, while minimising the risk of its introduction to, or spread within, a residential aged care home (a Home).

Consumers and aged care peak bodies have revised the visitors code on 22 December 2021 and updated the code on 22 March 2022

The December 2021 revised code:

  • Includes an ‘Essential Visitor’ policy which requires that  residents are  always permitted to have at least one visitor, regardless of the COVID outbreak status.

  • Outlines three categories of Visitor status, each with its own infection prevention and control measures, ranging from Green when there is no COVID threat to Red when there is an outbreak in or adjacent to the facility.

  • Is revised for easy of use and understanding.

The March 2022 update incorporates updated definitions of an aged care exposure to COVID-19 and an aged care outbreak of COVID-19, in line with the updated Government guidelines amongst other changes to align with more recent government statements.