Your Wellbeing: Supports during COVID-19 Webinar

With many of us living in or affected by lockdowns amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been thinking about how to take care of ourselves and each other, with a focus on wellbeing.

Our solution? A wellbeing webinar series with researchers, health and wellbeing specialists and people with lived experience to share their tips, ideas and suggestions with you, so you or an older person you know can support their physical, mental and emotional health as the pandemic unfolds.

Our panel of experts explore how to maintain your health and well-being during COVID-19.

This webinar covers:

  • Challenges of COVID-19 lockdowns

  • Wellbeing for people receiving home care and residential aged care.

  • Impact of restrictions on specific communities.

  • Mental health challenges.

  • Support services available.

Meet the panel:

  • Lisa Johnston – Aged Care Navigator, Seniors Rights Service

  • Matthew Byatt – Program Manager, Department of Health (Australian Government)

  • Julianne East – Member, OPAN National Older Persons Reference Group and Dementia Australia advocate

  • Dr. Catherine Barrett – Director, Celebrate Ageing and Kindness Pandemic

  • Hosted by Kyle Olsen