If you're thinking of moving in with family, ask these questions first.

There are many reasons why older people decide to live with their children. These arrangements often work out well. But problems can arise if you haven’t considered what would happen if the circumstances change, or if there is a dispute over what you and your family have agreed to. It’s worth considering these important questions before you decide on anything.

  • What if we don’t get along?

  • What if my needs change?

  • Will my pension be affected?

  • Should I speak to a Centrelink financial services officer?

  • Have I had independent legal and financial advice?

  • Have I considered a binding financial agreement?

  • Has the agreement been put into writing?

  • Should we use a solicitor, mediator or counsellor to help us make an agreement?

  • Am I sure that this is the best thing for me, now and into the future?

  • If I need to go into a nursing home, where will the money to pay for the accommodation come from?

  • What if my family member’s or friend’s circumstances change? How would their divorce, re-partnering or relocation affect me?

  • Will I have security (e.g. my name on the certificate of title)?

It’s okay if you don’t know all the answers to these questions immediately, but they can be incredibly useful in starting conversations.


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