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Grandparent Alienation

Find out what Grandparent Alienation is about, why it happens and what you can do if you are in this situation. Discover more on this page including a helpful tip sheet.

Last updated: October 12, 2021
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Responding to Grandparent Alienation as a form elder abuse by Relationships Australia

Addressing grandparent alienation, along with other forms of elder abuse, is a crucial priority.

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Grandparent Alienation Webinar

Grandparent Alienation occurs when grandparents are denied access to their grandchildren. It can vary from not being invited to a birthday party right through to no access at all. This can occur over a protracted period of time.

Compass held a webinar on Grandparent Alienation with a panel of experts who work with families in crisis. Philippa McDonald facilitated this conversation and was joined by Sue Field from Charles Sturt University, Gabrielle Passlow from Relationships Australia QLD and Adonis Antonio Maglis from PRONIA as they discussed the causes of Grandparent Alienation and what resources, services and solutions are available for families.

Susan Field - Panelist

Gabrielle Passlow - Panelist

Adonis Antonios Maglis - Panelist

Philippa McDonald - Moderator

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Grandparent Alienation Tip Sheet

This helpful tip sheet includes information about why Grandparent Alienation happens, where you can get professional help and options you can consider to resolve alienation.

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Grandparent Alienation News

Intergenerational family

Grandparent Alienation — why we need to start recognising it as elder abuse


Grandparent Alienation Events

Grandparent Alienation Resources

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Grandparents and kinship carers: services and support

Becoming a grandparent or kinship carer gives you many opportunities to teach, nurture and encourage a growing child. Y...


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