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Family Agreements

Living with your adult child? Co-purchasing property with a friend? Or building an extension or granny flat with family? These common arrangements often involve an older person exchanging their property or assets in return for housing and/or care as they age. Learn more about why you should establish a formal family agreement.

Last updated: November 23, 2021
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What is a family agreement?

A family agreement is an arrangement between an older person and someone else regarding care and living arrangements.

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Family Agreements Checklist

This helpful checklist is a great place to start. It includes summary information about making Family Agreements as well as what to do when things go wrong and where to seek help.

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What should a family agreement include?

A family agreement should include everyone’s contributions, what they expect in return, and what should happen if the a...

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Steps to take to arrange a family agreement

There are many steps to arranging formal family arrangements. This outline will help you understand where to start.

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When things go wrong

Unfortunately, family agreements don't always work out. This can leave an older person in a difficult position, find ou...

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Centrelink and the age pension

Older people can receive the age pension through Centrelink/Services Australia, with the amount received dependent on t...

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Intergenerational households

Many intergenerational households come about as a cultural norm or a way of providing care for ageing parents or grandc...

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Contributory Parent visas and migration to Australia

While many people enter into family agreements to ensure they receive some extra support as they age, often a driving m...

Family Agreements Resources

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