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Aged care watchdog seeks to restore trust

National Seniors reports Australia’s first independent Office of the Inspector-General of Aged Care has opened for business. 

Published: 27 November 2023
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  • 27 November 2023
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Former Council of the Ageing (COTA) chief executive Ian Yates will head up the new office while a permanent Inspector-General is recruited.

Mr Yates, a long-term seniors’ rights advocate, has been interim inspector-general since January 2023.

He said the establishment of the office would allow systemic issues in aged care to be brought to light and ensure transparency and accountability in the system.

It will also ensure the effective management of complaints and restore trust and confidence in the aged care system, Mr Yates said.

He said opening the office “marks a new commitment to an accountable and transparent aged-care system".

“This … is a critical step forward in shaping an aged-care system that provides the care to which older people in Australia are entitled and should expect.”

The establishment of the office was a key recommendation of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.