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Ageism Awareness Day, 7th October 2023

The national campaign against ageism, EveryAGE Counts, has announced that Australia’s third Ageism Awareness Day will be on 7th October.

Published: 4 October 2023
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  • 4 October 2023
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This is the third Ageism Awareness Day, which was founded by EveryAGE Counts in Australia. It is also now increasingly recognised around the world.

The day is a reminder to all Australians that ageism is still rife in our community. It has a direct adverse impact on the lives of many Australians and is a major factor in the incidence of elder abuse

A spokesperson for the EveryAGE Counts Campaign, Robert Tickner AO, said, “Our most recent national survey revealed some startling statistics about the incidence and impacts of ageism."

The EveryAGE Counts 2022 survey of over 1000 people over 50 researched their experience and attitudes towards ageism.

The findings of the survey revealed that: 

  • 68% of all over-50s agree 'ageism against older people is a serious problem in Australia' (73% of those aged 60-69)

  • 74% of all over-50s believe Australia is 'not doing enough to raise awareness of ageism and fight against it'

  • 58% of over-50s want 'a government campaign to raise awareness about ageism and its effects'

  • People in their 60s are the most likely older Australians to have experienced ageism in the past year - 37% versus 26% for over-50s more generally

  • 36% of over-50s say 'People have assumed I cannot understand or learn new technology' and 50% of those aged 90 and over

  • 21% of over-50s say "People have insisted on doing things for me that I am capable of doing on my own' (35% of over-90s)

  • 28% of 50-59 year olds say 'My applications for jobs have been rejected because of my age'

  • 25% of those in their 50s and 25% of those in their 60s say 'I have been made to feel like I am too old for my work'

  • 8% of 50-59 year olds say 'I have been denied health services or treatment because of my age,' but that figure leaps to 20% among those 90+

  • 28% of over-50s say 'I have been ignored or made to feel invisible'

  • 11% say 'doctors and healthcare workers talk past me to my companion or carer,' but that figure is 27% among 90+ year olds.

“We believe Australia can be a global leader in tackling ageism. We look forward to working with all Governments around Australia to address these issues with a community-based campaign" said mr Tickner.

Many organisations already have plans to mark Ageism Awareness Day. EveryAGE Counts is urging organisations and Councils to hold events in the week before or the week after to build community support for tackling ageism.