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Call for law to place older people at centre of decisions

The Older Persons Advocacy Network is calling for supported decision-making to be embedded into aged care and enshrined in Australian law.

Published: 21 November 2022
  • National
  • 21 November 2022
  • Australian Ageing Agenda

In a position paper released this week, OPAN voiced its support for the right for older people to make decisions about the care and services they receive and recognising this right under a legislative framework.

 OPAN CEO Craig Gear told Australian Ageing Agenda that, while there has been much talk in Australia about supported decision-making over the years, it has never been formally realised.

“In Australia, while we’ve had some research done in the past around supported decision-making – there was also a recommendation of the [aged care] royal commission to embed supported decision-making – we actually haven’t rolled it out as a framework.”

Supported decision-making aims to assist people to stay involved in the decision-making process about their healthcare and is an alternative model to using a substitute decision-maker.

Legally appointed, a substitute decision-maker can be a:

  • spouse or de facto spouse

  • unpaid carer

  • nearest relative or friend who has a close personal relationship with the person.