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Factors, dynamics and effects of isolation for older people: An exploratory study Invitation to participate and information sheet for interviews with professionals

Published: 28 July 2022

The Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) has been commissioned by Seniors Rights Service to undertake a research project on experiences of isolation of older people in New South Wales. Seniors Rights Service is a community organisation that provides free and independent legal and aged care advocacy advice and support to older people.

AIFS will be conducting group and individual interviews with professionals and service providers in metropolitan, regional and rural locations throughout New South Wales. We invite you to participate in a telephone or online interview with a member of the research team to tell us about your experiences of reaching isolated older people and providing support to them.

All interviews will be de-identified and confidential. You may choose to take part in a group interview or an individual interview sometime in the next few months.

Please contact the research team if you would like to take part in this important study, or if you would like more information. Please feel free to pass on this invitation to other NSW based service providers who may be interested in participating.