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Interruptions to Daily Living Guide

Published: 2 June 2022

The opening of Western Australia’s borders is causing some concern or anxiety for many people, particularly those who may feel more vulnerable. This guide has been prepared to support older Western Australians who are isolated (by choice or circumstance) and whose normal daily routine has been interrupted.

You may be unsure of what restrictions are currently in place or you may be hesitant to venture into shopping centres, restaurants, cinemas or even medical centres. Despite this, some of your usual daily or weekly activities are important for maintaining your physical, social and mental wellbeing. Tasks such as buying food, procuring essential medical treatments or supplies and paying your bills still need to be undertaken.

COTA (WA) has worked closely with organisations in the seniors’ sector to bring you this guide. It is filled with suggestions and information on how you can live comfortably and safely during periods when you are isolated and how you can access the information or support you need. It is also a companion to the At Home Guide which was developed in 2019 in response to the onset of COVID- 19.

As we transition through this period of uncertainty, we will continually update this guide to ensure you have the latest information. Please check that you have the most recent copy and check our website or call us for the latest information.

We have included the State Government safety plans and guidelines at the back of the guide.

Please share this information with your family or carer, or anyone that may be assisting you with your daily living requirements.

On behalf of the Seniors’ sector organisations in Western Australia, you can be assured that all of us are working together to ensure all older Western Australians have access to the support and services they need to feel safe and live well.

Download the ENGLISH Interruptions Guide [PDF]

Download the POLISH Interruptions Guide [PDF]

Download the ITALIAN Interruptions Guide [PDF]

Download the GREEK Interruptions Guide [PDF]

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