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Join a free short course about ageing

Find out about ageism, elder abuse, and other topics in this open learning course from Charles Sturt University.

Published: 4 June 2024
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  • 4 June 2024
  • Charles Sturt University

This course through Swinburne University will
help you to:

  • challenge your values and assumptions about ageing and hopefully bust some myths!

  • discuss ageism and explain the role that ageism plays in harming the health and well-being of older adults

  • discuss age related mind and body changes in ageing across the diversity of older adults

  • consider some key actions we can take to support healthy ageing

  • identify some important social factors that influence health and well-being of older adults

  • discuss what makes for an ‘age-friendly’ health, social support or aged care service

  • introduce you to the World Health Organisations framework for creating age friendly communities

  • offer strategies you can use to help build an age friendly community where you live