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Please explain: Commissioner writes to non-compliant providers

Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner Janet Anderson has written to aged care homes that have not achieved their mandated care minute targets, asking them to explain the non-compliance and the steps they are taking to remedy the situation.

Published: 9 July 2024
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  • 9 July 2024
  • The Weekly Source

"Earlier this month, I wrote to a number of providers with services that were not meeting care minute targets in the Quarterly Financial Report data for October-December 2023," the Commissioner confirmed to The Source online news.

"The purpose of my letter was to clearly signal to these providers that the Commission is monitoring their performance with care minute responsibilities.

"Where underperformance persists, we will require the provider to explain the cause of the non-compliance and the actions they are taking to comply. We will also require them to demonstrate how they are identifying and managing any risks to residents that may result from shortfalls against the targets.”