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Preventing Elder Abuse

Preventing elder abuse
Discover the steps you can take today on Compass to reduce and minimise the risks of elder abuse tomorrow.
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Need information or advice on elder abuse now?

Need information or advice on elder abuse now?
CALL 1800 ELDERHelp (1800 353 374)

In an emergency call 000

This free number will redirect you to an existing phone service near you. This is not a 24-hour line. Call operating times will vary. A collaboration between the Australian, state and territory governments.

Real Stories

Read real experiences of elder abuse. To read more real stories, click here.

Elka's Story
Older Greek woman hanging up washing on a clothes line

Elka has good relationships with her children, however there is a long history of conflict between the siblings.

Carer's story
Carer's story

I was still juggling the remains of a career when my elderly mother came to live with me from overseas

Andrew begins a deliberate campaign to convince his father, Peter, he is losing his ‘marbles’.