10 Questions to Ask About LGBTQIA+ Needs in Aged Care

This brochure is designed to help you when deciding which residential aged care facilities to visit. You can check their website or ask for documents to see if they include information on LGBTI inclusion. Some providers have achieved the Rainbow Tick (LGBTI accreditation). For more information on these providers go to www.qip.com.au. It is unlawful for any service to discriminate against LGBTI people.

This leaflet is part of a series written by nurses, doctors and experts with experience in aged care. The series aims to make your journey into residential aged care easier. Look for other leaflets on questions to ask about specific care needs. These can be downloaded at: www.10questions.org.au.

You may find these leaflets useful when:

  • Searching for a high quality residential aged care facility

  • Reviewing the quality of your current residential aged care facility

  • Deciding between two residential aged care facilities that appear similar.