Alice’s Garage Resources

Alice's Garage offers a range of resources for older Trans and Gender Diverse people. These resources include:

  • The Kinfolk project involved working with older Trans and Gender Diverse (TGD) people and service providers to improve older TGD people’s choice and control over gender identity and expression. In particular, it addressed the restriction of gender expression by family members and aged care service providers.

  • A gender genogram is like a family tree – it shows a person’s family relationships and also includes emotional and social relationships. They are used a lot in health services.

  • A RippleGram is a visual image and description of the intended and unintended consequences of transition or changing gender expression as an older person.

  • Our Authentic Selves is a set of resources for aged care service providers to promote the rights of older Trans and Gender Diverse (TGD) people. The resources outline how Standard One of the Aged Care Standards applies to the lives of older TGD people.