Better Way Urgent Care in 2024 findings

Read preliminary findings of a major consumer insights project into the new Urgent CARE service.

This new referral-based service by South Australian Ambulance Service (SAAS), gives eligible consumers the option of using the CARE service for urgent medical attention as an alternative to attending Emergency Departments in southern Adelaide.

Better Way Urgent Care assesses the new service, and was conducted by COTA SA and Plug-in. The results confirm that older people want access to urgent healthcare outside of chaotic Emergency Departments.

Aboriginal Elders and family members would like to have the option of seeking and receiving care outside of hospital settings and receive care at home where possible.

Tools were developed to measure the preferences of older consumers for urgent care and the experience of urgent care.

By raising awareness of the success of the Urgent CARE service through the Better Way Urgent Care findings and outcomes, the findings encourage and assist the implementation of alternate urgent care services and uptake across other hospitals in South Australia, nationally and globally.