Challenges for Older Transgender People

Ms Goldner discusses the “massive” challenges that the Transgender community face all their lives, and into older age. She explains how there is some “warming” to the issue and wanting to be more inclusive, but that there is still a general lack of esteem given to seniors, and therefore there is a “double whammy” if you are a senior who is also transgender.

Ms Goldner gives specific examples from her community where trans women and men are denied their hormone treatment by aged care staff, or how same sex partners are separated on entry to aged care facilities.

Ms Goldner also gives positive stories, such as a service where a senior man “came out” (disclosed his sexual preference) and the service supported him to connect to a group of gay and bisexual men. The man now reportedly is unrecognisable as he “walks so much taller” and it has made a massive and positive difference to his happiness and life.