Family Violence. What is it? Where can you get support?

“Family violence is not your fault. You are not responsible for the violent behaviour of others – not ever.” –WIRE

Women, nonbinary, and gender diverse people from all kinds of circumstances and backgrounds may experience violence and abuse at home. They don’t ask for it, they don’t deserve it. In Victoria, there are laws that make many forms of family violence illegal. They are in place to help protect the rights, health and safety of victim-survivors of family violence, regardless of their age, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic condition, abilities, sexuality, or gender. We know no matter how strong and resilient you are, sometimes you may need some support. This booklet is aimed at assisting you to find that support.

What is family violence? Family violence is when one person uses power and control over another in a relationship or family. It involves behaviour that is threatening and controlling, and that can cause you to fear for your own safety or for the safety of your family members. Family violence can happen to anyone. It can happen between couples, parents, and children, as well as between relatives and in any family-like relationship, such as with carers or housemates.