Lens on, hands on: An Intersectional Guide to Financial Capability Program Development

‘Lens on, hands on’, is a practical guide for people who develop and deliver women’s financial capability and wellbeing programs to apply intersectionality in their thinking and practice.

In this guide, Intersectionality is described as a thinking tool to examine how power dynamics and structural barriers can impact women’s experiences with money. Practice principles and tools are provided to demonstrate a hands-on approach to shifting power when we design, adapt and deliver programs.

This resource is an output of the Women’s Financial Capabilities Project (WFCP), which aims to improve the financial capabilities and economic security of women across Victoria, with a particular focus on First Nations women, women from migrant, refugee, and asylum seeker backgrounds and women with disabilities.

The contents of this guide were led by a co-design process with women from these specific communities who, collectively, brought a range of experiences and expertise in financial capability and Intersectionality. This guide is possible thanks to their generous contributions.