LGBTI and Dementia: Understanding changes in behaviour

This booklet has been developed for aged care staff who are caring for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people. It aims to provide an understanding of some of the issues LGBTI people may have faced at different times in their lives and how this may impact on changes in behaviour if the person develops dementia.

Understanding why a person with dementia is experiencing changes in behaviour is critical to developing effective person-centred care. When caring for an LGBTI person with dementia, the right background and knowledge can be lacking.

Many LGBTI elders have experienced discrimination, violence, isolation, and stigma throughout their lives. These elders often do not - or feel they cannot - disclose their identities or past experiences.

To better support LGBTI people with dementia in their care, Dementia Support Australia have partnered with LGBTIQ+ Health Australia to co-design a new booklet entitled LGBTI and Dementia: Understanding changes in behaviour.

This free booklet LGBTI and Dementia: Understanding changes in behaviour provides:

  • important historical events that have shaped LGBTI people and provide context for their care

  • causes of changes in behaviour and considerations specific to LGBTI people

  • useful services and resources

  • a glossary of terms.