Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls are a precious commodity. They take time to grow and become more treasured. In the same way, it takes time for our knowledge and experiences to build and develop into wisdom.

We have asked older Queenslanders for their pearls of wisdom – the treasured advice they would give their former selves, or to the younger generation. We’ve also asked them to share what they’ve learned around advance life planning, including planning for your assets and sharing your wishes with those you care about.

Pearls of Wisdom creates the opportunity to reflect on the wisdom of older people and transmit the wealth of knowledge across generations, especially to those who might be nervous about taking advance life planning steps.

Looking for some pearls of wisdom? Sometimes hearing the perspectives of others can help make it a little easier to talk about some of the hard stuff.
Watch the video.

You can use the 'Share your Pearls of Wisdom' resource to reflect on your own pearls of wisdom or to start a conversation with the loved ones in your life.

You may like to invite someone older in your life to share their pearls of wisdom, then have a chat with them about what you learn. For many people, it can be easier to write down their thoughts first, before chatting about it with them face-to-face.