Q&A for Older LGBTIQ+ People

A brochure answering some of the questions older LGBTQIA+ people may have before entering aged care.

The Q&A includes:

  • Why are the documents discussed in this booklet particularly relevant for LGBTIQ + people?

  • Why do I need a will

  • What is a power of attorney?

  • What is an enduring power of attorney?

  • What is guardianship?

  • What is an advance care directive?

  • Do I have to censor or ‘de-gay’ my home before services visit me?

  • Can health care practitioners discriminate against me because of my sexuality, gender or gender identity?

  • Can staff providing home care or residential care discriminate on the basis of sexuality or gender identity?

  • Can people discriminate against my partner, spouse or chosen family when they are visiting me?