Respect Older People: Call it Out Campaign

By calling out ageism and sexism, we can prevent elder abuse and violence against older people.

Nobody should experience discrimination, stigma or violence due to their age or gender. 

Helen and her grandson Oliver have a relationship built on mutual respect, love and a commitment to connection. But Helen is conscious of the ageism and discrimination that older people experience. 

Whether we are nine or 90, we all deserve to be safe, equal and respected. To prevent elder abuse from happening, we must understand how it works, and the underlying attitudes, structures and beliefs that drive it.

"The thing that has amazed me about getting older is the lack of understanding that we do have ideas, can contribute, are interested in what’s happening in our world. You’re not asked to give an opinion when you would love to.” – Helen, Respect Older People: ‘Call It Out’ campaign.

Watch Helen and Ollie's story below.