Seven years of elder abuse data in Victoria

This report provides an analysis of advice calls undertaken by Seniors Rights Victoria advocates and lawyers over a seven-year period (July 2012 to June 2019).

The analysis considers demographic information and characteristics of clients and the alleged perpetrators of the abuse, as well as well as information about the type of abuse, risk factors, referrals and outcomes. All data has been de-identified.

Seniors Rights Victoria provides an advice call service to older people who have experienced elder abuse. A lawyer and advocate will schedule a phone call or meeting with the older person to give them information specific to their situation. In order to provide this service, extensive information is collected from the older person about their demographics, the elder abuse context and the perpetrator.

This de-identified information has been collected for all advice call clients over a seven-year period (July 2012 to June 2019) and analysed to better understand elder abuse within Victoria.

The conclusions outlined in the report are relevant for the sample of the population who sought assistance via the SRV service, and therefore may not portray with accuracy the demographic features and contextual factors of elder abuse in the broader Australian community.