The Kinfolk Report

Older Trans and Gender Diverse Australians: family, support services and control over gender identity and expression.

The aims of Kinfolk were to work with older Trans and Gender Diverse (TGD) people, their families and service providers to improve older TGD people’s control over gender expression.

The project was coordinated by Alice’s Garage, took place between 2018-2019 and was funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health. The project team included Dr Catherine Barrett, Kaye Bradshaw, Toni Paynter, Sally Conning and Kathy Mansfield. Three older TGD people co-led the project, which was critical to the outcomes achieved.

This report outlines the project findings and the resources developed. It begins by describing the lessons learned from older TGD people and their family members. Following this, the information gathered from the workshops with service providers is outlined, and finally the resources and strategies for change are presented.

Summary narratives from older TGD people and their family members are presented across the three key research sections of the report. It is hoped that these narratives will assist in readers understand the experiences and needs of older TGD people and their families.