Trans Vitality Toolkit

Trans Vitalityis ACON’s resilience-building program for all trans adults in NSW - binary and non-binary. Trans Vitality focusses on trans people supporting trans people, and centres self-determination, autonomy and agency, while uplifting trans voices.

This Resilience Toolkitis one part of Trans Vitality and it includes information, activities, and resources to help build resilience, community connection, an understanding of our history, and a powerful imagining of our futures. Trans Vitality also includes some virtual peer workshops and online community training, an eLearning for mental health and crisis services, this Toolkit and a full evaluation, gratefully funded by NSW Health.

While we know that trans liberation depends on the structural reforms needed to enable trans people to live free and equal in every community we are part of, the path to trans liberation also needs strong, connected and resilient trans people.

So with that in mind, please explore each section of this Toolkit. You can embark on the activities on your own, with a trusted friend, your counsellor, or with a group of mates.