Understanding financial elder abuse: video quick guides in community languages

Adult children are leaning on their parents for support and older people may not be aware that the financial demands made by family and friends can lead to mistreatment or elder abuse.

Financial abuse can take many forms:

  • pressuring an older person to give or loan money

  • not contributing to household expenses such as rent or food while living with the older person

  • pressuring the older person to make or change their will

  • making financial decisions for the older person without their permission

Older people are often afraid to report abuse because they fear repercussions for themselves and the person mistreating them.

They may only seek help when the situation escalates to an extreme level or when someone else notices the ongoing mistreatment.

Older people also fear negative outcomes of reporting abuse, such as worsening abuse, having to leave their home and enter aged care, and increased isolation and loneliness.

These fears are a significant barrier to older people getting the help they need.

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