#WalkingWithHer - Solidarity with Older Women Who Were Sexually Assaulted

The #WalkWithHer Campaign was launched in March 2020 to show solidarity with older women who are sexually assaulted.

The Campaign raises awareness of the following facts:

  • older women who report sexual assault are often discredited

  • women with dementia are targeted by perpetrators who understand the women will not be believed

  • there were over 700 reports of sexual assault in residential aged care in the past year

  • sexual assault was not addressed in the interim report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care

  • in additional to sexual assault in residential aged care - older women are sexually assaulted in their own homes by intimate partners, other family members and strangers

  • too many service providers believe that responding to sexual assault is not their responsibility

  • older women (and their advocates) report few people are listening

  • the lives of older women who are sexually assaulted can be transformed by those who listen