Webinar: Older Lesbians' Experiences of Ageing in Rural Tasmania

With increased attention on the importance of safe and inclusive ageing and aged care, what are the specific needs of older lesbians in rural communities?

While there is increasing awareness of the specific health and aged care needs of older LGBTI people, little is known about the needs and experiences of ageing in rural communities.

Join Dr Ruby Grant to explore the experiences of older lesbians in rural Tasmania and what this means for inclusive rural health and social care. Dr Ruby Grant will discuss findings from her research with rural Tasmanian lesbians over the age of 55 about healthy ageing in their communities.


  • Dr Ruby Grant (she/her) is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Tasmania. Ruby is an applied sociologist specialising in LGBTIQ+ identity, health, and wellbeing. Her work has explored lesbian, bisexual, and queer women's health, gender affirming care, and LGBTIQ+ inclusive medical practice in Tasmania. As the leading LGBTIQ+ researcher in Tasmania, Ruby's work has been instrumental in guiding Tasmania's policy response to LGBTIQ+ community needs.