What is the Reporting Process?

If you think someone with impaired decision making capacity is being abused, report it now.

Remember that the person being harmed may not be able to report it themselves for various reasons. Anyone can report abuse to OPG, including family, friends, support workers, neighbours and institutions such as banks, health and aged care workers.

To report abuse you can call us on 1300 653 187 or submit an online form. We will then talk with you to better understand the situation and determine if there are grounds to investigate, or whether there is a more appropriate and timely option to address the concerns for the adult and their decision making arrangements.

If there are grounds, we will send you a referral form so you can provide information about the alleged abuse as well as details about:

  • the person you are concerned about (the adult)

  • the accused person (the respondent)

  • any other interested parties

  • yourself.