ADA Law is a Community Legal Centre Queensland member and specialises in legal help for tribunal matters and decision making issues.

ADA Law assists people living with cognitive impairments, or questioned capacity, when:

  • They are seeking to review, change, or revoke:

    • QCAT appointed decision makers

    • Enduring Powers of Attorney

    • Advance Health Directives

  • Needing support to work with their existing decision makers

  • They are appearing at MHRT hearings for ECT applications; Forensic Order Reviews; (or Treatment Authorities under 18 years of age); and are referred by Legal Aid Queensland.

  • Living in aged care and experiencing elder abuse, either by a family member, service provider, or attorney.

ADA Law is inclusive and respects people of all backgrounds and communication needs. Where appropriate we assist people with the use of interpreters, translators, and communication devices.

ADA Law has the assistance of ADA Australia’s dedicated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander advocates, where culturally appropriate.

ADA Law actively engages with LGBTI communities and strives to ensure our services are safe, accessible and appropriate.