Ageing and Disability Abuse Helpline

The NSW Ageing and Disability Commission is an independent agency of the NSW government. Our role is to better protect older people and adults with disability from abuse, neglect and exploitation from someone they know living in their home or community, and to promote their fundamental human rights.

The Commission fills a critical gap that was not previously addressed by other complaint and investigative bodies in NSW. We work closely with other government and non-government organisations to support information sharing and referral pathways, in order to ensure any vulnerable older person or adult with disability is protected from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

The Ageing and Disability Commission has a clear purpose to:

  • Raise community awareness to reduce and prevent abuse, neglect and exploitation toward older people and adults with disability

  • Receive and respond to reports or allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation of an older person or adult with disability

  • Provide support and information to those at need

  • Run an investigation (if required)

  • Report and advise the government on related systemic issues.

As per the Ageing and Disability Commissioner Act 2019, the Commissioner has the power to run an investigation. If this occurs, the Commissioner will seek consent of the adult at the heart of the report (if appropriate).

The Commissioner has the power to:

  • Request further information from a person or body

  • Apply for and execute search warrants to collect evidence as part of an investigation

  • Request compulsory attendance at meetings and the production of relevant documentation

  • Conduct a public enquiry if this is in the public interest.