Arab Council Australia

Arab Council Australia is a secular non-profit independent community organisation working to bring about social justice and improve the lives of the most vulnerable people in the community.

Council is based in Sydney, New South Wales, where the largest population of Arab Australians lives.

Council networks widely and works in partnership with government, non-government and other structures. It plays a pivotal role in coordination, advocacy, and leadership, information dissemination and in developing and providing a range of welfare services, activities and events to the community.

What we do:

  • We work towards promoting a well-functioning, cohesive, healthy, productive, caring, and safe community

  • We help the aged with their health, accommodation and social needs to live independently with dignity and respect

  • We work with families to ensure their children are safe and protected from abuse and neglect

  • We promote the wellbeing of families and support women and children in making positive changes to their lives to achieve safe and healthy relationships.

  • We assist refugees, humanitarian and newly arrived migrants with their settlement needs and encourage their active participation in society

  • We provide crisis relief and counselling support to individuals and families in crisis, problem gamblers and victims of domestic violence and abuse

  • We create opportunities for volunteers and students to develop new skills, gain more experience and contribute positively to the benefit of the community

  • We plan, develop and support community building events and initiate and co-ordinate new projects and educational activities that address identified needs in the community.

  • We support research and educational projects, and act as a consultative and advocacy body to government and non-government agencies on issues affecting Arabic-speaking communities

  • We promote cultural awareness and respect for diversity in Australian communities.