NT Legal Aid Commission

The NT Legal Aid Commission ensures that people in the NT, particularly those who are disadvantaged, understand and have access to quality services to protect and enforce their legal rights and interests.

NT Legal Aid provides legal information, community legal education and legal advice services to assist all people living in the NT. We also provide representation services in some matters to help people if they meet our means test. People living outside the NT, but still in Australia, who have a legal problem in the NT can also receive assistance.

We offer a range of services for the NT community, including:

  • Legal Aid Helpline – a free information service for everyone.

  • Legal advice – we offer free legal advice to people in the NT for a wide range of legal problems

  • Legal representation – we provide ongoing legal assistance by providing a lawyer to run cases for people with significant legal problems (subject to application)

  • Duty lawyer – we help people in the local court and family court

  • Family dispute resolution – we have a lawyer assisted mediation program to help work out what happens with children and property after separation

  • Community legal education – we offer community legal education and information in a range of ways

  • Policy and law reform – we participate in policy and law reform with governments and other bodies.