Older Persons ACT Legal Service, Legal Aid ACT

Older Persons ACT Legal Service (OPALS) is a specialist service within Legal Aid ACT. OPALS provides legal help to older people in Canberra. We can help you with legal issues involving elder abuse, enduring powers of attorney, guardianship and financial arrangements with family members. We will also refer you to other services if needed.

We are a confidential legal service, and we will not take any action without your consent first. We are able to assist you by advocating on your behalf with your family or services, through letters or if necessary through mediation and court proceedings. We are very flexible with how we provide our service and understand that a legal issue does not always mean that you need to end up in court.

Please note, while we are able to provide limited advice about wills and estates, we do not assist in drafting or preparing wills.