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Is elder abuse happening in your family? Better help could be coming

Cyber-attacks target everyday people and A widowed mother of two who sold her home and moved in with her son raised the red flag, highlighting a growing issue.

Published: 20 October 2022

Continuing concern about financial abuse and the lack of help that 85-year-old Dawn (not her real name) is getting at home from her family has sparked a flurry of activity among advocacy organisations in the ACT this month. It has also raised questions about the best way to stamp out a growing problem.

Dawn, a widow, moved in with her son after selling her own home, on the promise that he would look after her. He receives a government carer’s pension and she makes a contribution to the running of the house from her part pension. For a small fee, carers had been coming to assist with cleaning and personal care until they were deemed unnecessary.