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Working Together to Tackle Elder Abuse

Elder abuse comes in many forms – financial, psychological, physical, sexual and neglect. Learn more about an interdisciplinary approach to tackling elder abuse in our community.

Last updated: September 2, 2021

Working Together to Tackle Elder Abuse Webinar

Watch the Elder Abuse Service, Legal Aid NSW team discuss how their interdisciplinary approach has enabled them to better understand, prevent and respond to elder abuse. The team consists of Mary Lovelock, Senior Solicitor, Tanya Chapman, Solicitor and Lynn McLennan, Social Worker.

Compass held a webinar where the Legal Aid NSW team provide examples of how their interdisciplinary team works together to provide the best solution for the client. An interdisciplinary team is defined as a group of professionals from diverse fields who work in a coordinated fashion towards a common goal for the client.

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Mary Lovelock - Panelist
Mary Lovelock is the senior solicitor for the Elder Abuse Service. Mary has worked in a number of senior positions in Legal Aid NSW for 13 years including 8 years working as the solicitor in charge of civil law services in south west Sydney. Prior to working in law Mary was a registered nurse. Since working with Legal Aid NSW Mary has always been interested in the intersection between health and law, having been involved in a number of Health Justice Partnerships.

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Tanya Chapman - Panelist
Tanya Chapman is a solicitor in the Elder Abuse Service. She brings to the team four years’ experience specialising in elder law, retirement villages, and wills and estates. Before that, Tanya was the senior content developer for the College of Law Masters programs for several years. Tanya has a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Law with Honours, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and Masters of Law.

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Lynn McLennan - Panelist
Lynn McLennan is a social worker with the Elder Abuse Service at Legal Aid NSW. She comes to the team with over 15 years of experience in social work, the majority of which has been in NSW health. Within NSW health Lynn has worked in both general and mental health, including eight years in a rural hospital in which she learnt ways to provide more creative interventions to clients. Lynn has experience in developing pathways within services to improve a client’s journey, via processes which include collaborative multidisciplinary approaches, best practice interventions and collaborative goal planning.

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